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Past Lives - Have You Lived Before?

Dr. Brian Weiss talks about his experience clearing past lives on  OprahRemembering your past could be the key to healing you right now. Dr. Weiss explores past-life regressions with Oprah.

Dr. Weiss says hypnosis helps people access their past lives by focusing patients' concentration while their bodies are relaxed.

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Toddler remembers life as World War II Pilot
Dr. Brian Weiss details his entry into past lives

Past Life Regression is a source for clearing and healing traumatic experiences in prior lifetimes. These past experiences may holds us back from full actualization in this life.

Benefits of past life regression may include: giving or receiving atonement of past acts, releasing latent talent or creativity, rewriting past-life contracts, a profound sense of grounding and affirmation of who you are.

The Great Pyramids of GizaDoes it work? In a recent past life regression, this writer experienced the building of the great pyramid of Giza. I felt the abrasion of hot sand whip against my face, the strong oder of working men and lounging camels, and the fierce pride of being male.

Call Julie today to schedule your past life regression, because sometimes you need to go back to move forward.

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Dead Again(1991)

Dead Again

Set in contemporary Los Angeles and Los Angeles of 1940, Dead Again explores a romance between two star-crossed lovers -- and the doomed passion they shared in their past life.

Starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson