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Julianne offers a range of services to aid in your spiritual growth and personal development

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Birth chart Reading

Tarot Reading

During a reading Julianne creates a connection between the energies of the cards, your higher self and her own higher self. Combined with a connection to Spirit, this alignment of energies brings forward the information you need for your present situation to help unlock your hidden talents, unravel life-long problems or give you the direction you seek.
Session can be held in person or via phone.

Relationship Reading
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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a source for clearing and healing traumatic experiences in prior lifetimes. These past experiences may holds us back from full actualization in this life. 
Benefits of past life regression may include: giving or receiving atonement of past acts, releasing latent talent or creativity, rewriting past-life contracts, a profound sense of grounding and affirmation of who you are.​ Remembering your past could be the key to healing you right now

yearly Transit Reading
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Group Séances

Julianne facilitates a monthly group séance circle using a spirit table in the classic Lilydale style. She successfully connects to loved ones who have crossed over. Call to reserve your seat.

Private Séances

For a more intimate experience, private séances are available. This is a great option for individuals, families, groups or parties. Call for rates.


Energy Healing

Energy healing is a very real and incredibly powerful phenomenon. It works on the basis that all people have an energy field that has the potential to be healed and transformed. Julianne combines complimentary practices in Celtic Reiki, Integrate Energy Therapy and Buddhist Healing to to remove blocks, clear stagnation, and bring healing energies. 

Book an Appointment with Julianne

For Readings and Consultations
Tel: 585-461-3111
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